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Kevin Monroe

Your Summit Host

Kevin Monroe


Kevin is captivated by the idea that a higher purpose exists for life, leadership, and service. He believes that people who find and fulfill their higher purpose have more fun, experience greater fulfillment, and make the world better and brighter for everyone else.


It is those beliefs that energize his work as an executive coach, leadership consultant, and keynote speaker as he helps individuals and organizations give authentic expression to their higher purpose.


He is the founder of X Factor Consulting and host of The Higher Purpose Podcast. Kevin has an MA in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University where he also studied Servant Leadership and a BA from Mercer University.

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Daily Live Panel Discussion


Today's 1 hour discussion features Kevin Monroe, Dr. Ann Vertel, Susan Axelrod & Robert Fukui :: Airing Live Today At 10:00 AM EST - 11:00 AM EST




Day 1: Awakening to Purpose

Monday, October 30 - Only Viewable For 24 Hours

Accelerating The Journey

Conversation With Kitty Waters


Conversation With Thom Winninger

Productive Purpose And Avoiding Mediocrity

Conversation With Todd Henry

Day 2: Discovering Purpose

Tuesday, October 31 - Only Viewable For 24 Hours

Multifaceted Purpose

Conversation With Craig Juntunen

Shattering Limitations

Conversation With Dima Ghawi

Winning At Home

Conversation With Mark Timm

Day 3: Purpose at Work; Purpose in Business

Wednesday, November 1 - Only Viewable For 24 Hours

Betting On Yourself

Conversation With Mike Kim

Building Purposeful Organizations

Conversation With Zach Mercurio

Extraordinary Purpose in Business

Conversation With Bernadette Jiwa

Day 4: Flourishing in Purpose; Navigating Transitions

Thursday, November 2 - Only Viewable For 24 Hours

Fatherhood and Financial Literacy

Conversation With Sanford Coggins

Sing Your Song

Conversation With Jevonnah Ellison

Smouldering Discontent

Conversation With Dr. Rhonda Kehlbeck

Day 5: Navigating the Now and the Next: Beyond the Summit

Friday, November 3 - Only Viewable For 24 Hours

Just Keep Standing

Conversation With Dr. Rick Rigsby

The Particularization of Purpose

Conversation With Jeremy Courtney

Finding Your Purpose Path

Conversation With Katie McNerney

[ BONUS ] Focusing On What Matters Most

Conversation With Marshall Goldsmith

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Day 3 Live Panel Discussion



Day 4 Live Panel Discussion



Day 5 Live Panel Discussion



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